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Coquette is French for a woman who endeavors without sincere affection to gain the attention of men. As the name would suggest, it literally translates to “flirt” — a fitting proclamation of the brasserie’s playful energy, provocative design, and inviting blend of coastal-inspired food and drink.

At every COJE Management Group restaurant, we strive to bring our signature old-world hospitality, inspired world-class cuisine, and curated cocktails into a flawlessly designed space where the lines between elegance and mischief blur and are always bending towards the slightly irreverent. The brasserie’s energetic composition plays off the lavender, cherry blossoms, and lilacs found in Southwest France to create a pastel base palette from which vibrant pops of color — gold, brass, and silver — contrast, creating a highly playful yet sophisticated space for drinking, dining, and other delights.

Each COJE restaurant offers a seamless transition from dinner to drinks and beyond, representing a new generation of social dining.